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8K Spring HDMI cable

Short Description:

Ultra flexible and Standard 8K SUPPER SPRING  HDMI Cable 48Gbps Gold Plated Connector Ultra Supper spring wire

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The Ultra thin HDMI cable widely used in COMPUTER, Multimedia, Monitor, DVD Player, Projector, HDTV, Car, Camera, HOME THEATER.


The OD of the wire is  3、5.0millmeter, the shape of both ends of the cable is 50%~80% smaller than the common HDMI on the market, because it is made of special material (Graphene) and special process, the cable performance is ultra high shielding and ultra high transmission, Can reach 8K@60hz (7680* 4320@60Hz) resolution.


The cable is made of special materials and professional manufacturing process. Wire is very soft and flexible so that can be easily rolled up and unrolled.  When traveling, you can roll it up and pack it in a  small box.

● Ultra high transmission performance:

Cable support 8K@60hz,4k@120hz.  Digital transfers at rates up to 48Gbps

● Ultra high bending resistance and high durability: 

36AWG pure copper conductor, gold plated connector corrosion resistance, high durability;  Solid copper conductor and graphene technology shielding support ultra high flexibility and ultra high shielding.

Product Detail Specifications


Physical CharacteristicsCable

Length: 0.5M/1M /2M

Color: Black

Connector Style: Straight

Product Weight: 

Wire Gauge: 30 AWG

Wire Diameter: 5.0millimeter

Packaging InformationPackage

Quantity:  1Shipping (Package)


Product Description


Connector A: 1 - HDMI (19 pin) Male

Connector B: 1 - HDMI (19 pin ) Male

Ultra High Speed Ultra Slim HDMI cable supports 8K@60HZ,4K@120HZ

HDMI Male to HDMI Male cable

Single Color Molding Type

24K Gold Plated

Color Optional



1. SUPPER SPRING HDMI  Type A Male TO  A Male Cable

2. Gold plated connectors 

3. Conductor: BC (bare copper),

4. Gauge: 36AWG 

5. Jacket: pvc jacket with Graphene technology shielding

6. Length: 0.5/1m / 2m or others. (optional) 

7. Support 7680*4320,4096x2160, 3840x2160, 2560x1600, 2560x1440, 1920x1200, 1080p and etc.  8K@60hz,4k@120hz,Digital transfers at rates up to 48Gbps 

8. All materials with RoHS complaint

Quality Control system Operation according to regulation & rules in ISO9001
Voltage DC300V
Insulation Resistance 2M min
Contact Resistance 5 ohm max
Working Temperature -25C—80C
Data transfer rate 48 Gbps Max

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  • Tips for using the HDMI lines

    Since both DVD discs and game consoles have HDMI interfaces, HDMI displays can connect not only to computers, but also to home theater and game consoles. In reality, however, most consumers can’t buy a single HDMI display for a game console or a DVD DVD player. Instead, HDMI displays as a display device for game consoles and computers. At this point, the interface behind the display comes in handy. In case, the DVI interface behind the display is used to connect the graphics card in the computer, and the HDMI interface is used to connect the DVD DVD or game console. When using the HDMI display with both devices together, we must not unplug the HDMI connection too frequently, because it is easy to cause the wear of the connector. In order to better protect the connector of the HDMI wire, when not used, a plastic protective cover should be placed on the connector to prevent dust and water vapor from entering the port.

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