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Thunderbolt Cable 40gbps Usb C 4 Cable Type-c Thunderbolt 3 Cable 40Gbps

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Coaxial  Thunderbolt 3 cable 40Gbps Data Transfer USBC4 to USB C Cable 100W/5A Fast Charging 5K@60Hz For MacBook Pro Google Pixel 4

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The Ultra Supper High speed Thunderbolt 3 USB4 cable widely used in MP3 / MP4 Player, Video Game Player, Camera, Mobile Phone, COMPUTER, Other, Multimedia, Printer, Barcode Scanner, Scanner, Car, IOS, Tablet, Power Bank, Multifunction, Smart Watch

40Gbps Data Transfer

USB C to USB C Cable supports data transfer rates up to 40Gbps, 80x faster than USB 2.0 Type C cable, only a few seconds with an

HD movie. And large files will be finished in seconds. Note: The actual data transfer denpens on the size and type of files.

100W Power Delivery

With E-marker chip inside, this USB C to USB C cable offers rapid charge up to 20V/5A (max). Your new 87W 15” MacBook Pro at full speed. Besides, it supports Quick charge QC 3.0 and PD rapid charging (with PD charger). NOTE: Please confirm that your mobile phones will support PD fast charge protocol.  5K@60Hz Video Output

This USB 4 Type C cable offers 5K@60Hz video output function from USB C laptops to USB C display or monitor, which is easy for you to enjoy watching TV shows, streaming videos and movies to a lager screen! Ideal accessories for your USB C devices for work, home use, business trip and more. NOTE: Both of the laptop and monitor should support 5K resolution.

Wide Comaptiblity

Compatible with Oculus Quest, MacBook Pro Google Pixel 4

Product Detail Specifications


Physical CharacteristicsCable

Length                                                             1M/2M /3M

Color                                                                Slive

Connector Style                                                Straight

Product Weight                                                           

 Wire Diameter                                                 5.0 millimeter

 Packaging Information

Package Quantity                                           1Shipping (Pack


Product Description


 Connector A                                          USB C 4 Male

Connector B                                           USB C 4 Male

Coaxial  Thunderbolt 3 cable 40Gbps Data Transfer USBC4 

USB 3.1 5A 100W Type C Type-C Male To Type-C Male

Contact gold plated

Color Optional



1. High Resolution:  support 5K 60Hz displays for single, and 4K for two screens simultaneously.

2. High-speed Transfer: 40Gbps Data Transfer speed.

3. 100W/5A Charging: thunderbolt 3 cable can deliver power in both directions, up to 100W (5A/ 20V) of power delivery.

4. Hi-Range Compatibility: support with all USB-C devices,and compatible with USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 cable.

5.  Bend Technology: More than 10,000+ Bend Lifespan ensures extended longevity.

6. All materials with RoHS complaint

Quality Control system Operation according to regulation & rules in ISO9001
Voltage DC300V
Insulation Resistance 2M min
Contact Resistance 5 ohm max
Working Temperature -25C—80C
Data transfer rate 5K@60HZ

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  • Most mobile phones use type-c ports. What makes it so attractive

    Blind plug, the first thing is the type-c interface can enable us to regardless of “blind”, so the past “side not in, in turn, in turn to plug in the” the embarrassing situation is gone, also it is also avoided because of “vigorously miracle” and bring damage to the mobile phone. Fast charging, it is not difficult for us to find that the current support for fast charging of mobile phones will basically use the type-c data interface, why is this? The reason is that the type-c interface can provide up to 100W of power output, and we can even supply two-way power through the type-c interface, which can charge the device itself, and can also supply power to other devices externally. Sound quality, and in now more and more mobile phone manufacturers have also basically started to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and instead began to use the type-c jack. But although many friends do not want to cancel the headphone jack, this is also a small edition, but the fact is that we have to admit that the type-c interface for the improvement of mobile phone music sound quality will still have a large role. Expansion, of course, the type-c interface also supports the transmission of audio and audio signals, expanded to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA interface, and so on. You should know that in today’s mobile phones are not only our simple daily communication tools, but also it has unknowingly become a mobile office desk of countless workplace elites. Nowadays, most mobile phones are currently optimizing the office functions of mobile phones, and now the connection and projection is really very convenient, just a type-c to HDMI cable can be easily done, PPT to show what, simply not too convenient. The transmission speed is fast, and the usb3.1 standard is improved compared to the traditional usb2.0, and its transmission speed has also been greatly improved. With a usb1.1 speed of 12 Mb/s, the usb2.0 speed is 480 Mb/s, and the usb3.1 standard type-c has a maximum transmission speed of 10 Gbit/s, 20 times higher than the previous generation, which is also a qualitative leap. Development trend, in addition, with the development of the mobile phone industry development speed by leaps and bounds, makes now we in the choose and buy, not only will pay attention to better performance and function, and for the appearance of product appearance, we gradually have a big pursuit, and type-c interface because it than other old interface will be narrower and shorter and stronger function, so the use of type-c interface will gradually become the trend of The Times!

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