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Slim SAS SFF-8654 to 8654 8i server 74P data cable

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The Ultra Supper Slim SAS Adapter widely used in COMPUTER, SEVER

Ultraport Slim SAS conforms to the T10/Serial Attached SCSI (SAS-4) standard and is applicable to all known protocols. The Ultraport SlimSAS connector takes up the same space as Mini-SAS.
Data rate
Transfer speed:  24Gb/s
.The plug is made of high-quality metal. The Gold plating process improves the oxidation resistance. The gold plating of phosphor copper shrapnel makes the plugging life longer and the contact impedance smaller.

【Wide Compatibility】
Typical applications include servers, switches, routers, storage racks, etc., 

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Warranty Information

Part number                                                        JD-DC037
Warranty                                                                    1 Year
Hardware                                Mini-SAS SFF -8654-8i male with latch.
Cable Jacket Type                                             ,
Cable Conductor

Connector Material                                           Gold plated

Product Description


Connector A :1 x 74-pin Male
Connector B :1 x 74-pin Male

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length                                                               
Color :Black
Connector Style:Straight
Product Weight                                                           
 Wire Diameter                                                            

Packaging Information Package Quantity:1Shipping (Package)

Maximum Digital transfers at rates:24Gb/s



Product Description

Slim SAS 8654 8i to SFF-8654 8i 24G 74P server chassis internal SAS4.0 cable
Transfer speed: 24Gb/s


1.Data at speeds of up to 24Gbps
2. Host/controller connection: 1 x 74-pin HD Mini-SAS SFF -8654-8i male with latch.
3. SATA drive connection: 1x 74-pin 8654-8i socket-male with latch
4. Wire: 32AWG silver-plated copper impedance 85 ohm flat ribbon cable.
5. Fire protection: VW-1

Quality Control system Operation according to regulation & rules in ISO9001
Voltage DC300V
Insulation Resistance 2M min
Contact Resistance 5 ohm max
Working Temperature -25C—80C
Data transfer rate 24Gb/s


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